"wrong shoes" Because of what, the legend of the long jump is deprived of the world championship.

Triple jump world record holder Yulimar Rojas of Venezuela will not take part in this month’s World Championships after her 6.93m qualifying record was annulled due to the use of inappropriate shoes.

Aiming for a third consecutive triple jump world title, she broke the long jump qualifying record in June at a competition in the Spanish city of Guadalajara, according to the International Association of Athletics Federations. International Association of Athletics Federations because she was wearing unauthorized shoes in competition.

“Rojas attempted to compete in the long jump after this event in certified shoes to qualify for the 2022 Oregon World Championships but was hampered by an injury,” the International Federation said in a statement.

The maximum shoe sole thickness allowed for the long jump is 20mm and for the triple jump is 25mm.

“We know this is disappointing for Ms. Rojas and her fans, but we look forward to seeing her triple jump in Oregon in 2022 and qualify for both events next year and the World Championships in Budapest in 2023″.

The World Championship kicks off in Eugene, Oregon, USA on July 15th.

Source: begadistrictnews

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