North Korea commented on the launch of a vehicle by South Korea "My light" satellite

North Korean media criticized South Korea’s success in the second test launch of South Korea’s Nuri spacecraft last month, calling it a “double standard.”

And according to what the Yonhap Agency reported, one of the North Korean media outlets, Echo of Unity, stated in an article published on its website entitled “a purely indicative case reflecting the concealment of one’s own imperfections and exaggerating the faults of others”, when describing North Korea’s space exploration as provocations and threats. What deserves sanctions: “No matter how much we explain that they are for peaceful purposes, and the southerners claim that their development of long-range missiles is for peaceful purposes, even though it is aimed at the militarization of space.”

In its article, Echo of Unity emphasized that “South Korean authorities maintain that the development of the Nuri missile has no military purposes, although US media reports that it is aimed ultimately at developing long-range missiles,” in the first comment On June 21, North Korea carried out the second successful test launch of the Nuri spacecraft, according to Yonhap.

It should be noted that North Korea felt that “permitting the UN and the international community to South Korea to import advanced weapons and space developments, while depriving Pyongyang of the right to develop ballistic missiles, is a double standard.”

Source: “Yonhap”

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