"Washington Post": the conflict in Ukraine is revealed "Achilles’ heel" American

The Washington Post article criticized the US defense strategy against the backdrop of the conflict in Ukraine. She explained that this conflict showed the problems of the military industry and the need for its modernization.

“Defense industry capacity is the Achilles heel of the United States in its national defense strategy,” said author Roger Zackheim. “The conflict in Ukraine shows that this approach is disastrous on the battlefield.”

The author of the article believes that Washington needs to increase defense spending in order to win competition with Russia and China.

The article notes that an increase in funding is necessary not only to meet current obligations, but also to ensure investment in “military emergencies.”

Zakheim said that building more Virginia-class submarines, increasing munitions production, or producing stockpiles of missiles is only on a “just in time” basis (for deliveries) is a national defense risk because the equipment must be ready long before the potential threat becomes imminent.

Note that the US Department of Defense previously stated that it would review its stockpiles of weapons because of Ukraine.

Since the beginning of the Russian special operation in Ukraine, the United States and its NATO allies have provided Kyiv with tens of billions of dollars of military support.

A number of Western countries have warned that stocks of weapons and ammunition are running out. At the same time, Moscow said that the supply of weapons by the West to Ukraine only leads to a prolongation of the conflict and its further destruction. They also confirmed that the transfer of weapons to Ukraine is a legitimate target for Russian forces.

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