Mortada Mansour’s first comment on the answer"Viva" Concerning the Zamalek Crisis

Mortada Mansour, chairman of the board of directors of the Zamalek club, commented on the response of the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA), which he sent to his Egyptian colleague, regarding the registration of the White Castle trio during the Winter Mercato.

Mortada Mansour said on his Facebook page: “Finally, the voice of reason has prevailed. This good news for Zamalek fans who love this creature has been communicated to us since its release and we have been waiting for the official statement from the Egyptian Football Association to announce this with our side.

The club manager and financial manager are sent to the federation immediately to pay the agreed amount and settle the remainder of the debt. Praise God, three players will be registered for the matches. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to ending this crisis.

Today, Thursday, the Egyptian Football Association released a statement on its official website announcing that it had received a response to a question about the validity of the Zamalek player registration procedures during the last winter registration period.

The response came from the International Federation “FIFA” that this is an internal matter, and the Egyptian Federation is responsible for ensuring that the club takes the necessary measures before registration closes.

Source: “facebook/Mr.Mortada.Mansour”

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