Warning countries not paying wages to players, including Arab countries

The International Federation of Professional Footballers (FIFPro) has warned players against transferring to clubs from China, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other countries due to what it called “widespread and systematic contract violations”.

Today, on Tuesday, the FIFPro international union said that it is necessary to consult with their national unions about possible transfers and free transfers for players.

In the first full week of the summer transfer window in most European countries, long-term problems have been identified at various clubs in Turkey and Romania, including unpaid players.

The Netherlands-based FIFPro said there is “little chance” for players to recover their contract money when Romanian clubs go bankrupt and second-tier Greek clubs often close without paying their debts.

“Non-payment of wages is also an ongoing problem for players in Algeria, China and Saudi Arabia,” the International Federation of Professional Footballers added.

FIFA has teamed up with FIFPro to provide some assistance to players, and this year, $4 million has been set aside to help unpaid players.

FIFA is also trying to expedite procedures for players who have filed complaints in Zurich against their previous clubs.

Such cases are often referred to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, and the decision can drag on for several months or years.

Source: AP

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