Venezuela intends to create a joint economic zone with Colombia

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced that his country will propose to Colombia to create a joint economic zone on the border of the two countries.

“We will propose to (Colombian) President Gustavo Petro the creation of a large economic zone for trade and industry between Norte de Santander and the state of Tachira,” Maduro said at a meeting of the National Economic Council on Tuesday.

He considered it possible to extend this project to the Venezuelan provinces of Amazonas, Apure and Zulia.

He stressed that Venezuela is preparing to reopen the border with Colombia and resume trade relations with it, urging Venezuelan exporters to prepare proposals to be presented to Colombia.

It is noteworthy that Venezuela and Colombia began to restore relations between themselves after Gustavo Petro became President of Colombia on August 7, who became the first left-wing president in the history of Colombia.

Upon taking office, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro announced his readiness to normalize relations with Colombia, knowing that the two countries severed diplomatic relations in February 2019 after the former Colombian government recognized Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó as the “interim president” of Venezuela. .

Source: TASS

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