United States Groundbreaking for a memorial to American soldiers who died in the Gulf War

30 years after the operation of the international coalition led by Washington against Iraqi troops in Kuwait, the foundation stone of the monument to those killed in the Persian Gulf War was laid on the corner of Constitution and 23rd streets in Washington.

Organizers have been striving to create a memorial for years after the approval of Congress in 2014.

Known as the Desert Storm Memorial and Operation Desert Shield Memorial, it will feature an open circular design with landmarks meant to evoke associations with the sand dunes of a desert battlefield.

Admiral Christopher Grady, Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, called the monument a worthy tribute to the 299 American soldiers who died during the conflict.

Grady was also killed during the Gulf War as a continuing example of international cooperation and partnership between countries to protect Kuwait’s sovereignty.

The plan for the monument was implemented with the participation of the government of Kuwait, who donated $10 million.

On Thursday, Kuwait’s ambassador to Washington, Salem Al-Sabah, said: “From the people of Kuwait to the United States: thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Al-Sabah described the memorial as “a token of gratitude to the noble soldiers who helped liberate my country”.

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