The Pope stresses the need for zero tolerance for "pedophile"

Pope Francis stressed the need for zero tolerance for cases of sexual exploitation of children or the infirm, urging “not to hide this reality.”

And the Pope again warned of this when he received members of groups of religious orders at the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican on Thursday.

He said: “You represent three religious communities and one of the problems we know that often exists is the problem of sexual abuse… Please remember very well that there is zero tolerance for the sexual exploitation of children or helpless people.”

He added: “Please don’t hide this fact, we are clergy, priests who help people reach Jesus, not eat people with their lusts.”

And the Pope declared that “the rapist destroys, eats, so to speak, the one who is offended by his lust, so that there is no tolerance for him, and there is no shame in condemning that he did one thing, and that another. act.”

He continued, “The rapist needs to be accompanied because he is a sinner and sick, but others need to be protected.”

In conclusion, Bergoglio said: “I beg and ask you not to forgive in any case. These cases are not resolved by the transfer of the perpetrator, even if the transfer is from another continent.. No.”

Source: Italian news agency AKI.

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