Ukrainian Ambassador Describes Horrifying Ukrainian Force Losses

Ukrainian Ambassador to London Vadim Prystaiko said that the authorities of his country are currently deliberately not publishing data on the losses of Ukrainian forces, but “the figure will be terrible.”

“Our policy from the very beginning was not to discuss losses. When the war is over, we will recognize it. I think it will be a terrible figure,” the ambassador added in an interview with the Daily Express.

The ambassador stressed that the authorities of his country are ready to continue the conduct of the conflict “until the last Ukrainian.”

Commenting on the news about the preparation of Ukrainian brigades for a counteroffensive of 40 thousand people, the ambassador said that the Kyiv authorities had mobilized “a million people.”

It is noteworthy that Ukrainian and Western military and political experts have repeatedly stressed that Ukrainian forces will attack towards the Zaporozhye region in order to reach the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov in order to cut the land corridor to Crimea.

For its part, the Russian leadership confirms that it is closely monitoring the movements and concentrations of Ukrainian forces and is ready to respond adequately.

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