Lapid called to security briefing by Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu summoned opposition leader Yair Lapid to a meeting at dawn on Sunday to assess the security situation in light of the ongoing escalation on several fronts.

According to Jewish Channel 12, Netanyahu is trying to reaffirm opposition support for a new escalation on fronts that Israel recently bombed.

Opposition leader Yair Lapid lashed out at the government 100 days after it was formed, saying it had led Israel to unprecedented internal destruction and the collapse of Israeli society in Israel’s biggest crisis, while the opposition decided to continue demonstrating against the government’s proposed judicial plan. changes.

Lapid, head of the There is a Future party, said he handed over the country to Netanyahu in perfect condition 100 days ago. The economy is booming, the security initiative is in Israel’s hands, violence on the streets is receding, borders are calm, and international relations are at their best. Now, a hundred days later, the Netanyahu government has brought Israel to the greatest crisis in its history.

Lapid spoke of defeat, confusion and collapse in all areas, blaming the coalition for causing the collapse of Israeli society, the fragmentation of the army, economy and national immunity.

He also criticized the judicial amendment plan, describing it as an unprecedented process of internal destruction, the reason for which is that Netanyahu has lost control.

Earlier on Saturday, the Israeli army issued a statement saying that a warning siren went off after three rockets were fired from Syrian territory towards the Syrian Golan.

Israeli reports say that three rockets landed in open areas, two of them landed on the Golan Heights and the last one landed on Jordanian territory.

This comes in light of a week in which security escalated following the Israeli forces’ assault on the Al-Aqsa Mosque and attacks on worshipers and those in I’tikaf at the Al-Qibli Mosque.

The Israeli army also carried out raids on targets in the Gaza Strip and in the area between the Ras al-Ain plain and the Rashidiya refugee camp, south of Tire, Lebanon, after Israel held the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) responsible for the rocket attacks. from southern Lebanon to Israeli targets in the Galilee.

On Thursday afternoon, 34 rockets were fired from Lebanon towards Israel, and the Iron Dome intercepted 25 of them.

Source: Israeli agencies and media.

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