Tehran: we will soon issue an indictment in the case of the murder of Soleimani and his associates

Kazem Gharibabadi, assistant head of the Iranian judiciary for international affairs, said that the investigation into the killing of Qassem Soleimani and his associates had been completed and that the prosecutor’s office had prepared the bulk of the indictment.

He said: “We continue to follow the case of the murder of Soleimani and his associates at three levels.”

He added: “In parallel, there are close contacts between us and the Iraqi judiciary, a joint investigative committee was established between the two countries, where 3 meetings took place in Tehran and Baghdad.”

He continued, “The Iranian and Iraqi judiciaries exchanged many documents as we asked the Iraqi government and judicial officials to study the file and quickly take appropriate legal action.”

Gharibabadi emphasized that “Iraq, in which the crime occurred, is expected to promptly investigate the case and bring all those involved and responsible for this heinous terrorist crime to justice.”

He pointed out that “there are some real and legal persons who were involved in the crime, and our colleagues in the judiciary sent representatives to 7 countries in order to complete the investigation, but if the authorities do not respond to them, this does not interfere with our work. , but we will follow the investigation to the end, and all the elements involved will be held accountable, be it an American, an Iraqi, or a citizen of another country.

Source: “ERNA”

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