Tehran: Time for Washington to abandon failed policy of maximum pressure

Iran’s representative to the UN, Majid Takht Ravanchi, said it was time for the US to abandon its failed policy of maximum pressure on his country and that the ball was now in their favor.

This is stated in a press statement after the next meeting of the Security Council on the nuclear agreement in 2015.

Takht Ravanchi described the nuclear deal as “a hard-won multilateral diplomatic achievement” and that it was “the best option that has no alternative”.

Takht Ravanchi added: “We have received strong signals in support of the revival of the nuclear agreement and its full implementation. However, it is clear that the main reasons for the current situation are the illegal withdrawal of the United States from the agreement and the resumption of sanctions, as well as the lack of political will of the three European countries to fulfill their obligations.”

The Iranian representative to the UN confirmed that his country is “committed to multilateral diplomacy, the result of which should be the effective and verifiable lifting of all illegal sanctions.”

He also reaffirmed Iran’s commitment as a party to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty “to the principle of cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency” and stressed that it “has fulfilled all its obligations under the aforementioned agreement and comprehensive safeguards.”

He noted that Tehran showed “maximum flexibility during the negotiations in Vienna” and showed “good will to reach an acceptable agreement.”

Takht Ravanchi said Iran reaffirmed its willingness to provide innovative solutions to outstanding issues during consultations with European Union coordinator Josep Borrell last week in Tehran, adding: “We agreed to hold indirect talks with America through the European Union to overcome the last obstacles in the talks. “.

The Iranian delegate described the Doha talks as “serious and positive”, saying Tehran will be in touch with the European Union coordinator in preparation for the next round of talks.

Source: Iranian News Agency.

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