Study shows that Syrians prefer buying sweets individually, with an 80% rate

Basam Qalaji, head of the Syrian Sweets Association, acknowledged that 80% of citizens now buy sweets by the piece and criticized those who complain about the high price of up to 200,000 Syrian pounds per kilogram of pistachio maamul.

He said that sweets like meat and chicken have become one of the forgotten materials, or perhaps become a simple desire that able-bodied people buy piecemeal on celebrations and holidays, indicating that everything has doubled in comparison to the past. year.

He attributed the rise to what happened to the price of sugar, which rose to £7,000 from £3,000 the previous year, and the price of flour to £6,000 after it was £3,000, and the price of a kilo of fat animals. became 140 thousand after it was 60 thousand, and pistachios became 225 thousand after it was C 85 thousand.

Kalaji encouraged the city dweller, who cannot afford to buy sweets financially, to buy the ingredients and bake them themselves at home using cooking programs on the Internet. This saves 60%, which is the cost that the artisan incurs in renting his shop and paying electricity and taxes.

Source: Syrian newspaper Tishrin.

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