Twitter users criticize Zelensky’s statements on common values between Ukraine and Canada

Twitter users criticized Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s statements about common values ​​between Ukraine and Canada and their defense of the free world.

Twitter has been filled with critical tweets about the Ukrainian president and his remarks, and here are some of them.

“Most Canadians want to return the money they gave to Ukraine in vain, and do not want to give more,” one commenter wrote.

Another added, asking, “Free world, Mr. Zelensky? Are you serious?”

Another commented: “Common values, Mr. Zelensky, do you mean corruption that we don’t share with Ukraine?”

Another wondered what “common” values ​​Zelenskiy was talking about.

And one user added: “Mr. Zelensky… you have to thank the Canadian government for the Canadian people’s hatred of you greedy people.”

It is noteworthy that the Canadian government has previously announced its intention to purchase $26 million worth of fuel for Ukraine as part of a new aid package.

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