Stop Treating Russian and Belarusian Tennis Players Like Criminals: British Journalist Condemns Persecution

British journalist Michael Day condemned the persecution of Russian and Belarusian tennis players in an article published by him on the website of the I news newspaper.

A British journalist titled his article: “Tennis players cannot be blamed for the events in Ukraine. Stop treating them like criminals!”

He called the campaign of criticism of the Belarusian tennis player Arina Sabalenko at the Roland Garros tennis tournament “illogical”.

In his article, the journalist also condemned the political questions that journalists ask Russian and Belarusian tennis players.

On June 2, Sopalenko withdrew from an open press conference after the match at Roland Garros, citing that she did not feel safe answering journalists’ questions, and instead spoke with a group of media professionals selected by the tournament organizers.

Athletes from Russia and Belarus participate in international tennis tournaments in a neutral position.

Source: i news

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