Kherson Evacuated by Russia Due to Flooding as Ukraine Continues Bombing

The Kremlin announced the deaths during the evacuation and rescue work of civilians in the Kherson region due to the ongoing shelling of the flood-affected area by Ukrainian forces.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov added in press statements: “All evacuations and rescues are under continuous bombardment by Ukrainian forces. These bombardments do not stop. This is more than barbaric bombardments. flood victims who died as a result of these continuous bombardments”, including a pregnant woman.

He continued: “The authorities at all levels in the Kherson region are working to evacuate citizens from the affected area, and they are making every sacrifice.”

Peskov pointed out that Russian President Vladimir Putin is directly involved in the ongoing events and receives constant reports from the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the army: “On behalf of the President, the Ministry of Emergency Situations attracts all possible additional resources to help people. Local authorities are also working.”

Volodymyr Saldo, interim governor of Kherson, said on Thursday that seven people, including two civilians, were killed as a result of rocket fire by Ukrainian security forces on the evacuation zone in Hola Pristan.

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