61 Significant Deals in UAE Amounting to AED 20 Billion Concluded.

In the UAE equity markets, there were 61 large and direct transactions in the shares of 13 listed companies in the first five months of 2023, worth about 20 billion dirhams (about $5.45 billion).

According to official data obtained by WAM from the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange and the Dubai Financial Market, from the beginning of January last year to the end of May last year, large transactions of approximately 1.62 billion shares were concluded.

The transactions were concluded with the shares of 9 companies listed on the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange, namely: Al-Alamiya Holding, ADNOC Gas, Multiplay, Abu Dhabi Islamic, Al-Dar Properties, Ishraq Investments” and “Food Holding, Hayat Insurance, Al Ain Ahlia Insurance, as well as 4 companies listed in the financial market of Dubai, namely: Amanat Holding, Commercial Dubai, Emirates Refreshments and Education Holding.

Abu Dhabi Securities Market acquired the largest share of large transactions, with 56 transactions involving 1.036 billion shares worth over AED 19.1 billion, while Dubai Financial Market saw 5 transactions involving 584.4 million shares worth over 19.1 billion dirhams. worth 653.3 million dirhams.

(US$1 = AED 3.67)

Source: VAM

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