Trump Recorded Disclosing Classified Information on Iran Attack

Sources told CNN that former US President Donald Trump admitted during an audio recording in 2021 that he was in possession of classified military information related to the attack on Iran.

Trump said, “As president, I could declassify, but I can’t right now,” according to the tape obtained by the American Network.

CNN reported that it received a transcript of part of the meeting in which Trump discusses a secret Pentagon document about the attack on Iran.

On Thursday, Trump was indicted on seven counts in an investigation by Special Counsel Jack Smith into improper handling of classified documents.

Details of the indictment have not been made public, so it is not known if any of the seven charges relate to the 2021 meeting mentioned.

CNN said the tape is important because it shows that Trump knew the tapes he kept at his Mar-a-Lago residence were classified.

Source: CNN

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