Sawiris’ Investment Claims in Egypt Under Fire with Sharp Criticism

Egyptian parliamentarian Mostafa Bakri has come out with strong criticism of the Egyptian businessman, engineer Samih Sawiris, because of his recent statements that have caused widespread controversy in Egypt.

Bakri said that Sawiris made statements to an Arab channel in which he questioned the possibility of private sector involvement in Egypt and said he was currently negotiating investments outside the country, adding: “My question is only to engineer Samih: Your stake in major national projects in Egypt amounted to LE 75 billion over seven years. This is for one company, not to mention the approximately 4,000 private sector companies involved in these projects, which are overseen by the armed forces and employ 5 million Egyptian workers.

He added: “You know that this issue was imposed by certain circumstances after the major collapses that the country witnessed due to the chaos that engulfed Egypt after the events of the January 25 revolution.

And he continued his attack by saying: “I hoped you would rise above the language of rapture at a time when the country is facing serious problems, but unfortunately. You made billions of dollars in Egypt and it seems that ingratitude has become a feature these days.”

He added: “Believe me, Mr. Samih, that Egypt will recover from the crisis and overcome all attempts to hinder it thanks to their faithful sons who love the country more than their love of money. I have an important question. the Sawiris family has a fortune approaching 10 billion dollars. Can you tell me how many billion of them in Egypt, unfortunately not a billion.

Source: RT

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