Old Differences Between Netanyahu and Minister of Defense Prevent US Trip

Israeli media reported that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu prevented Defense Secretary Yoav Gallant from traveling to the United States for security meetings due to tensions between them on the one hand and his desire to travel ahead of his ministers.

And Israeli Channel 12 reported that “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu prevented his Defense Minister Yoav Gallant from traveling to the United States of America for security meetings due to tensions between them and Netanyahu’s desire to arrive in Washington earlier than his cabinet.” “. ministers.”

The channel claimed that the Israeli Prime Minister’s office denied the news, stating: “This is not true and there is complete coordination between Netanyahu and Galant.”

It is worth noting that Netanyahu is still awaiting an invitation from US President Joe Biden to visit the White House, despite the fact that four months have passed since the formation of his government.

A few weeks ago, Biden indicated that he “won’t be inviting Netanyahu to visit the White House any time soon,” and at the same time he made no secret of his disagreement with the Israeli government’s plan to amend the law governing the judiciary.

Earlier, Israeli media quoted US sources as concerned about Netanyahu’s dismissal of his defense minister, who withdrew his offer under domestic and American public pressure, Israeli media reported, as Netanyahu announced on March 26 that Galant was fired after pressure from the latter to convince the prime minister Israel to suspend the law on judicial reform, but the Israeli media in the days after the decision noted that Netanyahu did not formally notify Gallan of his dismissal.

On April 10, Netanyahu announced that he had decided to keep Galant in his post, and said in a speech from the Israeli Ministry of Defense: “Minister Galant and I are working together in the field of security. I have decided one thing, and that is to put aside all disagreements and continue with my work.”

Source: “Sputnik”

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