Sudanese Army in Cairo: We Agreed to the Truce Initiative, Not Mediation to Resolve the Conflict

An envoy to the Sudanese army commander in Cairo, Nafallah Al-Hajj, said on Wednesday that the army had accepted a Saudi-American truce initiative, not “mediation to resolve the conflict.”

Al-Haj added that the army delegation would not meet face-to-face with the RSF envoy and specified that communication would be through intermediaries.

Yesterday, Sudanese Sovereignty Council member Shams al-Din al-Qabbashi said he would take part in direct talks in the Saudi city of Jeddah to discuss a new truce with representatives of Operational Support Commander Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo, stressing that they would not sit with Hamidti.

Al-Qabbashi said in a telephone interview with Al-Qahira News: “Two initiatives were offered to us to counter the war in Sudan from the US and Saudi Arabia, and the second was from IGAD (a body that includes East African countries), and we welcomed each submitted initiative.”

He denied that the two initiatives were aimed at “negotiating” with Hemeti, as he said, “We welcomed the US-Saudi initiative because it talks about a truce and it happened more than once, but Hemeti’s militia violated it.” . “

Source: Reuters + agencies

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