Saudi Captain Saleh Al-Arid: I have taught karate to eminent personalities in the Kingdom

Nass Online hosted Saudi captain Saleh Al-Areed to talk about his career in the world of karate and teaching prominent political and military figures in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Captain Saleh Al-Areed began his story about the beginning of his love for the sport as he had a fighting spirit and great enthusiasm which he used by entering this world and training under the then President of the Saudi Arabia Karate Federation, Captain Muhammad Al- Fayez. Al-Areed added that the beginning was intermittent and after realizing the importance of the sport, he continued his career in it and ran his sporting history through it.

The Saudi captain continued that his first idea about the sport was to study combat and its techniques, but over time he turned to the goal of teaching self-defense and teaching people how to defend themselves.

Al-Arayed said that one of his unforgettable memories in the sport is his training with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, Princes Khalid bin Salman and Turki bin Salman, as well as other political and military figures in the Kingdom, in addition to his memories during his achievement at the international and Asian championships.

Source: RT

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