"Guardian": Due to the crisis, UK residents reduced their energy consumption by 10 percent in a month

The Guardian newspaper, citing data from local energy companies, reported that the UK population has reduced electricity and gas consumption by about 10 percent since October due to the energy crisis and inflation in the country.

The newspaper reported that analysts at energy company E.ON had recorded a “two-fold” decline in UK energy consumption in recent weeks, by 10-15 per cent.

Telecom Plus Chairman Andrew Lindsay announced that the country’s gas consumption fell by about 10 percent in October.

The newspaper indicated that companies expect an additional reduction in this indicator due to the desire of the local population to save money due to the crisis.

Bloomberg reported Nov. 20, citing data from retailers and wholesalers, that shoplifting in the UK has increased by 18 percent over the past year due to rapidly rising consumer prices.
Prices in the country rose by an average of 14.7 percent in October, and the average annual bill increased by 682 pounds, which is equivalent to about 810 US dollars.

Source: Gazeta.ru

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