Russia’s agreement to join AFC and resumption of international matches in Syria revealed by Al-Khalifa

Asian Football Confederation President Sheikh Salman bin Ibrahim Al Khalifa has revealed the terms of Russia’s admission if it wants to join the AFC and the return of international matches in Syria.

The Lebanese Football Association held a dinner in Beirut in honor of Salman bin Ibrahim Al Khalifa in the presence of first-class club leaders and sports media.

Sheikh Salman indicated in statements to Koor that the development of the Lebanese Football Association’s work through women’s football was reflected positively, stating that “its reputation is broad in this matter and Lebanese football is achieving titles at the women’s level.”

Sheikh Salman also confirmed that the AFC provides financial contributions to the federations and that each federation spends the funds according to its needs.

He stated that the issue of providing contributions for the introduction of video technologies in matches is a priority that the Lebanese Federation chooses in accordance with its requirements.

The AFC President emphasized that the return of international matches in Syria is due to several points conveyed by the AFC to its Syrian counterpart in terms of airport availability and round trip flights, in addition to facilities and security, stating this. paragraph: “Personally, I felt safe when I was in Syria.”

He added: “Regarding the security factor in the country, this file is left to the joint FIFA and AFC security delegations.”

On the topic of Russia’s inclusion in the AFC, he said: “I heard it in the media, just like you, but there is no official letter from the Russian Federation.”

He explained: “If the Russian Federation wants to join, the issue is in the hands of the General Assembly, as Australia did in 2005.”

Sheikh Salman stressed that Australia’s entry into the AFC has increased the level of competition and “teams that want to develop should face higher level teams, which is positive.”

Although he felt that on a marketing level, the AFC “was expecting more than Australian football”.

Regarding hosting the 2030 World Cup, he said: “We support Saudi Arabia if it decides to host the World Cup together, whether it be the 2030 or 2034 World Cup.”

Sheikh Salman stressed: “The file must be strong and the win rate must be 90% to be officially announced and get the full support of Asian and international football.”

Source: “koora”

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