Russia calls on WHO to enhance transparency in healthcare

The Russian mission to the UN reaffirmed Moscow’s continued support for the World Health Organization as the leading international health organization, calling for greater transparency.

The statement of the press service of the Russian diplomatic mission to the UN in Geneva during the seventy-sixth session of the World Health Assembly says: “Our country constantly supports the World Health Organization as the leading and coordinating body in the field of international health. We stand for increased transparency and accountability of the organization to member countries, including in the context of multilateral efforts to strengthen the International Health Regulations and discuss new international procedures and tools to combat epidemics.

The WHO World Health Assembly holds its annual meeting in Geneva from 21 to 30 May to discuss global public health priorities.

The mission stated that “during the session, members will review current issues on the agenda for international health cooperation in line with the priorities of the WHO Thirteenth General Program of Work 2019-2023. (achieving universal health coverage for one billion more people; ensuring better protection in health emergencies) for an additional billion people; improving the health and well-being of an additional billion people.

Participants will also discuss a range of administrative, budgetary and financial issues related to improving the effectiveness of WHO and the quality of WHO support to countries, as well as health issues in Ukraine, Taiwan, the Occupied Palestinian Territories, including East Jerusalem, and the Occupied Syrian Territory. Golan Heights.

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