Russian official at a meeting with Putin: Our financial relations with the West have declined and grown with Arab and Asian countries

At today’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Yuri Chikanchin, director of the Russian Financial Supervision Service, pointed out that Russia’s financial transactions with unfriendly countries have dropped by 80%.

The Russian official said: “We are analyzing financial flows, especially international flows. Here I would like to say that transactions with unfriendly countries have decreased by about 80%.”

Chikanshin added: “The number of financial transactions with the countries of Southeast Asia, the Arab world, the countries of Central Asia and a number of other countries has almost tripled, which means that economic life continues … There are financial flows, which means that the economy is working “.

After Russia launched a special operation in Ukraine, Western countries imposed “tough” economic sanctions against Russia, affecting various sectors of the economy, companies and individuals.

Source: RIA Novosti

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