Official: EU candidate status does not mean that Moldova will join the sanctions against Russia

Deputy Prime Minister of Moldova, Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Nicolae Popescu believes that the status of a candidate for EU membership does not mean that Moldova will join the anti-Russian sanctions.

“You have seen the recommendations of the European Commission on our reform process, accession (sanctions) is not among the signals and requests of the European Commission,” Popescu told ProTV on Monday. At the same time, the Foreign Minister noted that the issue of sanctions is “constantly discussed” by Chisinau and Brussels.

Earlier, Speaker of the Parliament, leader of the ruling Labor and Solidarity Party, Igor Grosso, said that Moldova is ready to join the new EU sanctions against Russia as a sign of solidarity with the EU. At present, the republic is primarily committed to sanctions in the financial and banking sector. As President Maia Sandu made it clear, Moldova cannot fully join the anti-Russian sanctions due to the weakness of the national economy.

Earlier, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that some actions and statements by officials in Chisinau cast doubt on the country’s leadership’s true commitment to the republic’s neutral status and pragmatic and mutually beneficial partnership with Russia. . She noted restrictions on the re-export of Russian goods and sanctions against Russian media.

Source: TASS

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