Russia Set to Develop a New Energy Delivery Network

First Deputy Minister of Energy Pavel Sorokin said that Russia intends to create its own system of alternative energy supply, which will be beneficial to almost the entire population of the planet.

The statement of the Russian official was made during his participation in the discussion session “Image of the Future… Expectations and Opportunities for the Fuel and Energy Complex” at the International Youth Forum “Oil Capital”, which was held in Nizhny Novgorod.

He said: “As we used to (sell energy), we will sell them and remain reliable partners, and we and 7 billion of the 8 billion people living on our planet have a great opportunity to create an alternative system (for energy supply).”

He added: “We see that logistics routes have increased dramatically after the oil transportation system that existed 50-60 years ago was disrupted. The market economy always strives to achieve the optimal solution, i.e. to reduce logistics costs and (shipping) routes.”

The speech of the Russian official was about the need for Russia to create its own vehicles and transport routes after Western countries put forward conditions for the transfer of Russian energy resources to Western transport and insurance companies, primarily a price ceiling.

Source: TASS

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