Houthis may resort to port-by-port approach as our patience wears thin

“Our patience is running out and we may have to adopt a port-by-port equation,” Maj. Gen. Mohammed al-Atifi, defense minister in the government of Sana’a in Yemen (Houthis), said.

Major General Muhammad Nasser al-Atifi believed that “a state of neither peace nor war, the list will not be long”, continuing: “We will not accept imperfect positions and suffocate the economy, therefore we repeat the advice that we will not accept the continuation of the blockade of our ports “.

He pointed out that “the Yemeni armed forces have an obligation to adopt a port-by-port equation if necessary to lift the siege.”

Al-Atifi warned, “Our patience is running out and if the aggression continues, they must expect a painful and painful response.”

And he pointed out that “Sanaa with full, honorable and just peace, but the other side is pursuing fraud and perverted positions,” he said.

Source: March

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