Russia increases the production of rocket artillery shells "Krasnopol"

An informed source said that Russia has increased the production of Krasnopol rocket artillery shells for the needs of the special operation, stressing that they are capable of effectively destroying Abrams and Leopard tanks.

“In 2022, Russian defense enterprises will increase the production of 152-mm Krasnopol high-precision guided artillery shells for self-propelled guns,” said a representative of the department. He added that the pace of production of guided artillery shells this year will increase even more.

He added: “The high accuracy of the Krasnopol shells makes it possible to hit small enemy targets, including mobile ones, for example, tanks, which has been repeatedly proven in combat conditions in practice.”

In particular, these missiles can be successfully used against NATO Abrams and Leopard tanks.

As part of the special operation, Russian troops are actively using 152-mm Krasnopol guided artillery shells, which include a semi-active laser-guided rocket head aimed at a laser beam reflected from a target. adjusted when approaching the target with dynamic rudders aerobic.

Krasnopol missiles make it possible to achieve a direct hit on the target, that is, its deviation from the line of sight does not exceed two meters, and the maximum firing range of Krasnopol-M is 25 kilometers.

As part of the special operation of the RF Armed Forces, a reconnaissance and rifle scheme of a howitzer equipped with a Krasnopol missile, an unmanned reconnaissance vehicle equipped with a laser rangefinder hanging in the target area, and a backlight option is often used for a target with a ground-based laser designator.

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