Joint maneuvers of Cyprus and the United States

On Monday, the Cypriot Foreign Ministry announced the start of joint Silver Falcon 23 military exercises with the United States on the territory of the republic.

The ministry said in a statement that the drills will last until February 24 and that they are taking place “in cooperation with the US European Command, the Cypriot Foreign Ministry and the Cypriot National Guard.”

The Foreign Ministry said that the purpose of the maneuvers is to work out “emergency procedures and protocols that must be followed in the event of a crisis in the region, including support for humanitarian operations to evacuate civilians through the territory of the Republic of Cyprus.” .”

He added that the main goal was to “test operational complementarity” between the US and Cypriot military forces.

The State Department indicated that during the maneuvers “small US military forces” would be deployed in a number of places on the territory of Cyprus, emphasizing that these maneuvers are “the basis of the strategic partnership between the US and the Republic of Cyprus.” Cyprus and contribute to the achievement of a common vision between the two countries in terms of creating conditions for peace and security and stability in the entire region.

Source: TASS

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