Egypt is building a huge train station

Egypt is preparing to open a huge railway station to serve the upper levels of the country, as it is called the “Railway Station of Upper Egypt”.

The Minister of Transport of Egypt continued the finishing work of the main building of the station, which is built on an area of ​​31,000 square meters and consists of a basement, a garage, a basement and 2 repeating floors. The building includes 6 berths to serve the passengers of Upper Egypt.

He also continued the construction of 4 berths for the Manasi line, work on the construction of station sorting tracks and the connection of workshop tracks with the longitudinal tracks “Aswan / Alexandria – Al-Manashi – Tovar”. 89 keys. The first floor also includes the commercial part of the integrated shopping center on the (first-second) floors and administrative offices on the ground floor for station employees, in addition to 28 ticket offices, as well as toilets and a glass pyramid area in the main lobby of the station 40 meters, and on the first and second floors of the station there are shops and investment areas.

After that, the minister went to oversee the completion of various workshops at the station, such as a wagon repair workshop with 12 tracks and a tractor repair workshop with 6 tracks for maintenance and repair. preparation of Kamal Amer tractors to connect the station garage to the axle, and 2 road tunnels towards Sudan street, and a pedestrian tunnel to connect the street to the station garage.

The minister also kept an eye on the passenger traffic pattern, whether from the main entrance or from the tunnels to the ticket halls, as well as the availability of escalators and elevators to facilitate the movement of passengers.

He also reviewed a development plan for the area around the railway station in Upper Egypt, which includes the construction of a multi-storey garage with a capacity of (1000) cars, in accordance with the general requirements, which took into account the separation of the movement of personal cars, which will often be in a multi-storey garage, from public transport, in order to facilitate the movement of citizens and achieve liquidity of traffic in the area. The area and use of the area below the new July 26 corridor as a bus stop with a capacity of about (20) buses, as well as linking the entrances to the bus stop and multi-storey garage with roads surrounding the land of each (bus stop – multi-storey garage).

He emphasized that the location of the station was chosen taking into account that it is located in the middle between the Ramses and Giza railway stations, and that it is located in the Giza governorate, which is considered the gateway to Upper Egypt. as well as being the meeting point of the main railway lines in Egypt (High Dam / Alexandria – Imbaba / Al-Manashi / Al-Kabbari), In addition to being located on 4 main axes, facilitating movement from and to it (lieutenant general axis Kamal Amer / Sudan Street / Ahmed Orabi Axis and Airport Street – July 26 Axis), indicating that the strategic location of the station connects the station to various modes of transport (railway – line 3). For metro – monorail – frequent buses on the ring road) to serve passengers.

It is worth noting that the total area of ​​the project is approximately 239,000 square meters, which is equivalent to 57 acres. The project includes the main building of the station with an area of ​​31,000 square meters, with a total built-up area of ​​​112,000 square meters, as well as station annexes such as service buildings, repair shops, docks, as well as railway tracks on an area of ​​164,000 square meters and Investment buildings on an area of ​​44,000 square meters.

It is expected that the station’s capacity will reach 250,000 passengers per day, and the project from the beginning of its implementation provides for the provision of jobs in the amount of about 7,500 jobs in the project up to 500 cars.

In addition, the Upper Egypt railway station and the Ramses Egyptian railway station to serve the citizens of Egypt, and the Misr Ramses station was founded in 1854, and the population of Egypt at that time was 4 million citizens, and now the population of Egypt is 104 million. people, therefore it became necessary to establish a railway station in Upper Egypt to facilitate the movement of citizens, especially since the number of railway users currently reaches 1.1 million passengers per day, in addition to the presence of 10,000 km of railways at present, and this will increase with the creation of new lines and double lines compared to the 400 km of railways that served the Egyptian Railways in 1854, so it was planned to build this station, especially since Ramses station does not currently accept extensions, and there is no way to increase the number of sleeping places, and it suffers from severe overcrowding.

Source: Al-Shoruk

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