The Prime Minister of Poland compared the European Union to "on hook" works with Russian gas

Speaking at a conference on support for Ukraine in Warsaw, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Murawski said that Europe is heavily dependent on Russian fuel because of its weakness, calling it a “drug addict”.

“The West has traded the fight for freedom for contracts with the Russian oligarchy,” the prime minister said, adding that because of its weakness, Europe “like a drug addict” goes for more and agrees to any fuel prices.

He also pointed out that the European Union faces a choice, either the victory of Russia and the defeat of the West, or the “renaissance of Western culture”, and the politician explained that now there is a struggle to establish a new world order.

Western countries are facing rising energy prices and rising inflation due to the imposition of sanctions on Moscow and the policy of phasing out Russian fuel. Against the backdrop of high fuel prices, especially gas, European industry has largely lost its competitive advantages, which is reflected in other sectors of the economy.

The US and European countries have also experienced record inflation in decades.

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