Ronaldo breaks silence on his future

Mystery still looms over the fate of Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United ahead of the start of the 2022-2023 season, in light of press reports that the player wants to leave.

And while rumors about his future are growing, it seems that the star is still in incredible physical shape after he broke his silence on Thursday by posting a photo of him working out as usual in his home solo, and this is the first photo. , which the Portuguese Zvezda has been publishing since he informed the management of his Red Devils team.

And the English newspaper The Sun pointed out that the photo was an indication that Ronaldo could continue the Manchester United experience after he appeared in a photograph wearing last season’s Manchester United team shorts, which the English newspaper considered convincing. evidence that Ronaldo can continue to play for the English team next season if there are no strong performances.

And there have been reports of refusals to sign Ronaldo by various clubs (Paris Saint-Germain, France, Bayern Munich and Chelsea, England).

On the other hand, the circle of clubs wishing to include Ronaldo in their ranks is limited to the current period between Naples, the Italian club, Sporting Lisbon, its parent team and the Arab team from the Saudi League, but they all do it. not justify the desire of the Portuguese star, who still dreams of competing for the Champions League title.

Source: sun

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