Qatar urges Israel to allow Palestinians to come to the World Cup

The Kan channel reported that Israeli officials visited Qatar to provide Israelis with consular assistance during the World Cup, and Doha asked Tel Aviv to allow the Palestinians to travel to participate in the World Cup.

The Israeli channel, citing unnamed sources, said that Israel wants to set up an “office of interests” to help its citizens during the World Cup, but in Qatar, the issue is “cold”, noting that “negotiations on this issue are still ongoing and no solution found yet.

She added: “Qatar sees the World Cup as an opportunity to establish itself in the region and work, among other things, to advance a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” noting that “Israeli journalists will be able to travel to Qatar. during the World Cup, but they will have to fill out a special journalistic visa.”

And in June last year, an agreement was reached with the International Football Association FIFA, according to which Israelis can travel and watch World Cup matches without a visa.

Notably, Qataris were required by FIFA rules to consent to the entry of any Israeli who applied for a visa to attend matches, but went further and eliminated the need for this procedure, according to the official Israeli channel.

Source: “was”

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