Could electricity prices in Russia rise like what is happening in Europe?

Deputy Minister of Energy of Russia Pavel Snikars spoke about the energy crisis in Europe, which led to a sharp increase in electricity prices, which negatively affected the pocket of a European citizen.

Answering a question about the possibility of repeating the European scenario for the electric power industry in Russia, Deputy Minister of Energy of Russia Pavel Snikars, in an interview with RT on the sidelines of his participation in the Russian-Eastern Economic Forum, said: “If we talk about the electricity supply to the population (in Russia), the pricing principles in Russia are completely different where the government sets energy prices based on the social orientation of the state and prices are based on cost. Therefore, the European scenario is definitely impossible for Russians.”

He added: “For other consumers (commercial and industrial sector) in this case, we also have a completely different model. For example, electricity prices are determined in central Russia and Siberia based on market data, while prices in the Far East are set by the government, noting that the possibility of integrating the region into the energy market (pricing based on market data) is currently being discussed.”

The official concluded his speech by saying that fluctuations in electricity prices are observed in Russia, but within acceptable limits, and there can be no price jumps, as in the European Union.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned against imposing a price ceiling on gas exported from Russia, and said that this decision was futile, and indicated that this step would lead to an increase in prices for blue fuel in the markets.

During the year, electricity prices in European countries increased more than five times, and in August the record was updated, and this is due to a reduction in natural gas supplies from Russia due to sanctions and restrictions imposed by the West on Moscow. .

Source: RT

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