"public disappointment" French for the 2024 Olympics

Two years before the opening of the Summer Olympics in Paris, 47 percent of French people said they were “indifferent” to the event, according to a poll released by Le Parisien on Tuesday.

When asked how they feel about the Olympic Games in the French capital, which are scheduled to be held from July 26 to August 11, 2024, only 26% of respondents (a sample of 1019 people) answered that they were “interested”, and 19% expressed “concern” , 7% “they ran out of patience”, and 1% found it difficult to answer.

This poll was published in connection with statements by French President Emmanuel Macron, which were published by the newspaper L’Equipe during a meeting at the Elysee Palace, in which he indicated that the authorities would distribute 400,000 Olympic tickets to their citizens.

Macron said the state would “buy 400,000 tickets and distribute them to young people and schoolchildren, especially those under 16.”

Returning to the same survey, only 54% of French people intend to “follow the event through the media”, 12% want to “buy tickets to attend events”, but 9% want to attend the opening ceremony on the site, 8% for the closing ceremony, and 6% are ready to take part in the games as volunteers or get a job.

Otherwise, 65% of those polled are in favor of opening on the Seine. As for the issue of security, 72% believe that it will be installed in other cities, but only 66% in Paris.

For 75% of them, the Paris 2024 Olympics budget will be exceeded and 53% believe France’s overall medal count will be equivalent to medals won in previous games, compared to 26% optimists (with more medals) and 19% prefer fewer medals.

Source: AFP

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