Possibility 1: US Contemplates Imposing Sanctions on Hungary Over Ukraine ConflictPossibility 2: Hungary May Face US Sanctions Amid Ukraine ConflictPossibility 3: US Considers Punishing Hungary with Sanctions for Involvement in Ukraine CrisisPossibility 4: Sanctions Against Hungary on the Table as US Seeks Response to Ukraine Conflict.

Electronic newspaper “444” reported that the US administration is considering the possibility of imposing sanctions against Hungary because of its refusal to follow the general policy of Western countries, including regarding the conflict in Ukraine.

And a newspaper that supports the Hungarian opposition and criticizes the government of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán wrote on Tuesday: “We have learned from independent diplomatic sources that the US administration plans to take new measures to punish the Hungarian government, including the imposition of sanctions against those responsible.”

The newspaper did not provide any other details on this matter, expressing the assumption that similar measures could be taken on a ban on entry into the United States, introduced in 2014 against several Hungarian citizens suspected of involvement in corruption.

The Hungarian government has not yet responded to these media reports.

For his part, Daniel Dick, senior analyst at the 21st Century Institute think tank in Budapest, wrote on his Facebook page: “They say the Biden administration plans to impose sanctions on Hungary because of its support for peace and its opposition to war. By the way, they want us to give up all our “economic relations with Russia and join those countries that support the war.”

He added: “It was recently revealed that American intelligence was able to eavesdrop on the Hungarian leaders,” continuing: “Meanwhile, French President Emmanuel Macron has also faced criticism from the Americans over his statement last Sunday that Europe should not follow them.” in everything. In my opinion, this US behavior cannot be considered the right way forward, as it destroys the system of Western alliances. If the US truly considers the European countries to be its friends and allies, it should act as a friend and ally, not as a colonizer.”

The expert also expressed confidence that relations between the US and European countries, including Hungary, can be normal, explaining: “For example, during the presidency of Donald Trump, the US improved relations between our two countries thanks to the US Ambassador Hungary The Hungarian government has not changed since then , but the American leadership changed its position in a negative direction.

Source: TASS

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