Austrian fighter jets intervene as crew of Israeli plane remains unresponsive to calls

Israeli news website i24 reported that Austrian fighter jets were escorting the Israeli El Al plane because its crew failed to respond to ground control calls in Austria.

The site said that although the Israeli El Al plane was 37,000 feet above Germany on its planned flight path, regional air traffic control required it to change to the next frequency along the way.

He added that at this stage, the aircraft did not contact the next air traffic controller, as required and expected from him, and also did not respond to calls on the communication device from German and Austrian observers who tried to contact him at different addresses. frequencies.

He stated that the air traffic control asked the planes that were flying near the plane to try to contact the Israeli plane, but the pilots did not respond. All this time, the plane continued to fly according to the planned program, but at the required height and speed without deviating from the track.

The Israeli website said that after failing to respond to any requests, and according to protocol in such cases, Austrian Eurofighters were sent to approach the aircraft and make eye contact with the crew.

He indicated that after the departure of these fighters, communication with air traffic control was resumed and the Austrian fighters returned to their military base, and the aircraft continued on its way to Ben Gurion Airport without any additional exceptional incidents.

Source: i24 news, Israel.

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