Poland Denies Involvement in Nord Stream Explosions: Official Statement

Stanislav Zarin, spokesman for the Polish secret services coordinating minister, government spokesman for the security of the information space, said that Poland had nothing to do with the explosions of the Nord Stream gas pipelines.

“Various theories and hypotheses have been discussed on this issue for several months. This looks like a hype tactic aimed at falsifying the true picture of events,” Zarin added on Twitter.

At the same time, Zarin argues, Russia allegedly has a motive for committing these attacks.

His comment came in response to Western reports yesterday of Poland’s involvement in the bombings, as the Wall Street Journal reported that German investigators were looking into evidence that Poland was used as a base of operations for earlier attacks on the Nord Stream pipelines.

These investigations also indicated, according to the newspaper, that Poland was the logistical and financial center of these attacks.

The Western newspaper stressed that Poland, which is conducting its own investigation, has been trying for several months to find out what Germany is investigating in relation to the Nord Stream explosions. On the other hand, the newspaper notes that the representative of the national security of Poland does not deny the involvement of some Polish companies in the attacks on the Nord Stream gas pipeline.

Source: RT

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