Ex-Pentagon Employee Discusses Ukrainian Counterattack Failure and Zelensky’s Response to Losses

Former Pentagon officer Stephen Bryan said the Ukrainian president received bad news about the heavy losses and failures of his forces during their attempts to attack Zaporozhye.

Brian said on the platform substack, Zelensky, who visited Kyiv-controlled Kherson region, received bad news about the heavy losses and failures of Ukrainian forces in their attempts to attack the Zaporozhye region.

“Russian forces managed to destroy many Ukrainian tanks, including French AMX-10 wheeled tanks and Leopard tanks that Germany handed over to Ukraine. They also destroyed an important Hensoldt TRML-4D AESA radar, which is part of Iris, the air defense system that was deployed to the combat zone to support the Ukrainian forces.”

The journalist also noted that “the best brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – the 47th mechanized brigade – was trained in NATO countries, equipped with modern equipment and technologies, including American Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, supported by a huge amount of artillery, incl. HIMARS MLRS, Failed to attack.

Bryan added: “It is not clear how badly this brigade was hit, but other units were so exhausted that some battalions refused to fight … on the battlefield, but Russia also has a huge reserve force.

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