Pogba to miss Juventus clash with Barcelona

Frenchman Paul Pogba, who recently moved to Juventus, suffered a right knee injury and will not go with the old lady’s club to Texas for a friendly match against Barcelona, ​​according to the Bianconeri.

Juventus released a statement on their website, explaining that “after reporting pain in his right knee, Paul Pogba underwent an x-ray that revealed a damaged meniscus.”

He added that Pogba “will have a consultation with an orthopedist in the next few hours.”

The old lady’s club, which is currently on a summer US prep tour, is due to temporarily leave California for Texas, where a friendly against Barcelona is expected at dawn on Wednesday, but Pogba won’t be there. flight.

Pogba returned to Juventus for the second time this month on a free contract secured by Manchester United, who joined him with a record deal in 2016 worth €105m.

Source: AFP.

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