Media: US mercenaries talk about problems in the Ukrainian army

The American magazine Newsweek reported that American mercenaries in the armed forces of Ukraine are suffering from a shortage of military equipment and equipment.

According to magazine To quote informed sources and mercenaries: “When the Russians were moving east (Ukraine), … one of the reasons for this was that we could not get equipment such as night vision goggles, batteries.”

The newspaper, referring to the mercenaries, explained that due to the lack of batteries (battery charging) it was not possible to charge computers to use the American Javelin systems, they are “useless without computers.”

The magazine pointed to problems in the supply chain and a shortage of weapons due to bureaucracy: “There is a serious shortage of armored vehicles at the front, however, when an English volunteer tried to send 27 vehicles into the country, they were detained at customs.”

Source: RIA Novosti

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