Pelosi: America won’t let China isolate Taiwan

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the United States “will not allow” China to isolate Taiwan after a visit to the island that angered Beijing.

“They’re not isolating Taiwan by preventing us from going there,” Pelosi told a news conference in Tokyo on Friday. “We’ve made high-level visits…and we won’t let them isolate Taiwan.”

“We have said from the beginning that our representation here is not about a change in the status quo here in Asia, or a change in the status quo in Taiwan,” she added. “It’s about the Taiwan Relations Act, the policies of the US and China, all the legislation and agreements that govern our relationship. It is about bringing peace to the Taiwan Strait and establishing the status quo,” she said.

Pelosi praised Taiwan’s “great democracy” and its “thriving economy.”

Source: AFP.

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