Expert: The future of the global economy depends on relations between Russia and China

Kirill Babaev, director of the Institute of Contemporary China and Asia of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said that the future of the Eurasian economy, if not the whole world, depends on how relations between Russia and China are built today.

“Beijing is our main strategic partner. Unfortunately, the level of Russian-Chinese trade and economic relations still lags behind the level of political contacts between the two countries. Today it is necessary to change this imbalance, especially since it is necessary to act in a positive way,” Babayev told IA Novosti. As soon as possible”.

He added: “The future of the entire Eurasian economy, if not the entire world, will depend on the relationship between Russia and China,” adding, “To be honest, there is no exaggeration in this.”

He explained: “It is clear that the West is currently going through a hard line of confrontation not only with Moscow, but also with China. That is why Russia and China today are interested in building new international trade and financial institutions as much as possible. so that trade and payments are freed from the pressure of the West.”

The expert expressed confidence that if China and Russia succeed in this, then in the future the countries of Central and South Asia, the countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and BRICS will join the new bodies.

And he checked: “They (these countries) have long been talking about the need to find an alternative to the existing financial system and the international trading system, in which Washington, in cooperation with its allies, is using more and more illegal methods of pressure.”

Source: RIA Novosti

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