Opening of a new airline between Russia and Syria

Sources said a new airline linking Russia’s Dagestan with Syria will be launched in the middle of this month, amid official assurances that a list of Russian airports will be expanded to link to Syrian airports.

The Russian commercial office in Syria told Sputnik that the continued improvement in comprehensive relations between Russia and Syria highlights the need to expand air traffic networks between the two countries.

The Russian representative said: “In the context of the ongoing development plans between the two countries, a new air route will be opened from July 15, 2022 to improve mutual transportation methods, including air transport, and expand business opportunities. and communications between the Russian Federation and the Syrian Arab Republic.

Comprehensive relations between Russia and Syria continue to develop steadily in the economic, military-political and cultural spheres against the backdrop of an increase in trade between the two countries by 3-5 times in 2021 compared to its predecessor.

According to the Russian trade mission in Syria, the new line will connect the capital of Syria (Damascus) and Makhachkala, the capital of the Russian Federative Republic of Dagestan, in both directions.

Source: Sputnik

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