North Korea officially declares itself a nuclear power

North Korea’s parliament at dawn on Friday declared the country a nuclear power, and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un reaffirmed that Pyongyang’s possession of nuclear weapons is an irrevocable right.

Parliament said that leader Kim Jong-un has full power to decide on the use of nuclear weapons.

“We will never accept our denuclearization,” Kim said as he announced the signing of a law making his country a nuclear power, adding that “nuclear weapons are the last option if we are invaded or threatened.” official Korea Central News Agency.

During his speech at a meeting of the Supreme People’s Assembly, the North Korean leader noted that “there will be no negotiations on the denuclearization of our country.”

Kim Jong-un stressed that the legitimation of nuclear energy policy is of great importance.

Kim accused the United States of trying to topple the North Korean regime by forcing his country to give up its nuclear forces and self-defense rights, adding that the United States hoped to pressure North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons through strict sanctions.

He stated that North Korea will never surrender even after “100 years” of sanctions imposed on his country.

The North Korean leader accuses the administration of US President Joe Biden of pursuing a hostile policy towards his country, although the Biden government has repeatedly offered meetings with North Korean officials without preconditions.

She said South Korean agency Yonhap. By adopting and promulgating a policy to use “nuclear force,” North Korea solidified its claim to be a “nuclear state” and made clear its policy of not giving up its nuclear weapons.

In an article titled “Proceedings of the Supreme People’s Assembly of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea on Nuclear Forces Policy,” the North Korean Central News Agency reported that the Nuclear Power Policy Law had been passed by the Supreme People’s Assembly.

North Korea argued that nuclear power was at the exclusive disposal of the head of the State Affairs Commission and that the head of the State Affairs Commission had full authority to make decisions on nuclear weapons.

The article, according to the Yonhap news agency, states that if a state’s nuclear command and control system is under threat due to an enemy attack, a nuclear strike should be aimed at destroying the enemy’s forces, including the source of the provocation. and the command center will operate automatically and immediately, and it will also be revealed that an automatic nuclear counterattack will be launched if Leader Kim is attacked.

Yonhap noted that in the event of a defeat of the command center centered around Kim Jong-un, in an emergency, the nuclear attack operational plan drawn up for each operational unit is automatically implemented, noting that this paragraph confirms that North Korea’s policy of using nuclear weapons is offensive. politics.

Source: Yonhap Agency.

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