Newspaper: Western sanctions have caused great damage to their economy without affecting Moscow

Writing for The Hill, Brahma Chellani writes that Western countries are increasingly aware that sanctions against Moscow are causing significant damage to their economies, but not having a significant impact on Russia.

“The larger the size and capabilities of the state against which sanctions are imposed, the less they have a deterrent effect,” Cellani said. “The West understood that restrictive measures against a strong state entail not only significant costs for the states that impose them, but also benefits for those who refuse to impose them.”

He added that the difficulties Western countries have faced in enforcing the policy of sanctions against Russia show the limits of its true power.

He continued: “As economic power shifts east, the West needs a wide range of international partners more than ever, but much of the ‘non-Western world’ has refused to join the sanctions.”

He pointed out that Biden early boasted about the “collapse of the Russian economy” and “the ruble turned into ruins”, noting that the West played its main economic cards, and the sanctions campaign stalled.

He pointed to “the danger that, instead of the desired economic collapse and upheaval in Russia, sanctions could change the geopolitical situation in the world and increase interaction between Russia and China.”

Source: RIA Novosti

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