Russian company supplying "vegetarian meat" to Emirates

One of the largest food companies in Russia, IFKO, has begun supplying “vegetable meat” to the UAE retail chains; in general, sales of this product are growing by an average of 30% per year.

Sergey Ivanov, CEO of the company, told Sputnik: “Today we are talking about 45 stores of large local cooperative chains, such as Al-Ittihad and Aswak, and we supply burgers, minced meat and meatballs of the Hi! brand.

The official indicated that now we are talking about trial sales, and accordingly, a decision will be made to expand the geography and range.

According to him, the company is actively developing the export of vegetable products, including to the Middle East. “In Russia, we have to explain why vegetarian meat is promising, and why food technologies for alternative proteins and lipid biosynthesis have a future. They don’t even talk about it in the Middle East. Food security is a national priority there.”

“Last year, the company’s total exports grew by 75%, exceeding $1 billion for the first time,” Ivanov added.

He noted that it is planned to open a biotech plant near Dubai, which will make it possible to quickly obtain fats and proteins, but so far the company is actively working to offer its products to local consumers.

Source: Sputnik

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