Newspaper: Brussels is afraid of becoming Italy "trojans" for Putin

Bernardo de Miguel, one of the authors of the Spanish newspaper El Pais, said that Brussels fears that Italy, after the resignation of Prime Minister Mario Draghi, will become a “Trojan horse” for Russia in Europe.

The writer, citing diplomatic sources, said that Italy has recently become a gathering place for “neutral theories” that cast doubt on the position of the European Union on the conflict in Ukraine.

In this context, de Miguel wrote: “In the capital of the European Union (Brussels) they fear that Italy will become, at best, a weak link in the overall strategy of confronting Moscow, and at worst, a Trojan horse in the service of Russian President Vladimir Putin.”

The author of the article explained that Brussels is concerned about the position of Italy, since Rome is heavily dependent on the supply of Russian hydrocarbons.

The author of the article says about this: “Arguments published by some Italian media feed the theory that European sanctions against the Kremlin only harm the EU economy, but in no way affect Russian military power.”

Accordingly, de Miguel believes that Brussels, after the resignation of Draghi, was left without support, and Kyiv without an important ally.

Last week, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi reaffirmed his decision to step down and called on Draghi to support Ukraine “in any way,” including through the supply of weapons.

Source: RIA Novosti

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